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South Florida Sisterfriends
About South Florida Sisterfriends


About South Florida Sisterfriends
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South Florida Chapter of Sisterfriends was established in April 2002.  

South Florida Sisterfriends is about promoting unity,strengthening Sistah-hood by supporting one another as black women, to provide assistance to those who are trying to improve themselves, doing work that is both beneficial and relevant to the lives of African American women, such as breast cancer walks, HIV/AIDS awarness/walks, and Domestic Violence. 


South Florida Sisterfriends as a group will:

    • Participate in charitable events which affect the health and well being of women of color. 
    • Promote unity among women of color, while supporting, uplifting, and inspiring one another to make postive changes in ourselves and our communities
    • Getting involved in community events like Breast Cancer Awareness, HIV/AIDS, Women in Distress/Domestic Violence, and mentoring young  African American girls.
    • Award scholarships to deserving students
    • Last but not least, to have fun and make lasting friendships!
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